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Technology in Logistics Operations

The digital transformation of the logistics industry has heralded an era of advanced efficiency, safety, and visibility throughout the supply chains. As Sri Lanka’s leading integrated logistics company, Aitken Spence Logistics is at the forefront of tech innovations in the local logistics landscape.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation technology was introduced to our logistics operations in 2021 under the consultation of Deloitte of Singapore and Malaysia. Under the first phase of the project, all inward and outward documentation and reporting processes at our Container Freight Stations have been automated with RPA bringing immeasurable efficiencies and transparency to the operations. The automation of all repetitive manual data entry functions has improved the accuracy of documentation and data entry processes across Container Freight Station operations largely benefiting the organizational and customer triple bottom lines.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring in Cold Chain Logistics

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring in Cold Chain Logistics

To ensure the consistent quality of perishable goods in our cold chain logistics facilities which include our Reefer container fleet, we have provided real-time temperature monitoring devices allowing live monitoring of the temperature of the units to ensure that goods are stored at the recommended temperature at all times.

Our temperature monitoring system is a user-friendly mobile application that allows customers to track and monitor the safety of their cargo at the touch of a button. The app provides our customers with;

  • Real-time temperature alerts.
  • Instant preventive maintenance notifications.
  • Multizone monitoring through one platform.
  • Tracking of container location.
  • Graph-based temperature records.
  • Customized compliance reports.
GPS Fleet Tracking & Fuel Efficiency Monitoring

GPS Fleet Tracking & Fuel Efficiency Monitoring

Our entire fleet of prime movers used for transportation & distribution operations is enabled with GPS tracking and fuel sensors, facilitating driver performance tracking and workload management, while improving operational efficiency and safety and reducing organizational carbon footprint.

Data gathered during the process allows us to optimize our future load and route optimization process delivering long-term benefits to our organization as well as our customers.

A combination of software & tools optimize Logistics Management

Logistics Management System

Our logistics management system is a combination of software and tools that optimize the business processes from beginning to end and includes;

  • Oracle-based web-enabled real-time Container Depot Management System that facilitates the management of Inland Container Terminal, Container Repair; and Container Freight Station operations by flawlessly integrating customer applications via electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • Oracle ERP warehouse management system (WMS) that ensures enhanced inventory accuracy, improved flexibility, responsiveness, and superior customer services through the application of real-time data across all warehousing and inventory management operations.
  • Transport Management System (TMS) ensures optimized planning and execution of the physical movement of our fleet of trucks for increased efficiency and reduced cost.