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Careers at Aitken Spence Logistics

At Aitken Spence Logistics, we, the Spensonians, are visionaries and hard workers. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients and providing a service that is nothing short of extraordinary. We revel in quantifiable results, and party hard to celebrate our success. We are a diverse family with a legacy of over 150 years that believes in empowering and enabling each other in our march to success.

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With us, you get more than just a job or an occupation. You will receive the opportunity to learn and obtain first-hand experience of the local and global logistics landscapes, and, as a high-performer, your career path will be clearly defined and supported by the best in the industry.

Our partnership with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), AHK (The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Sri Lanka), and the Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka ensure continuous quality training for our team members.


  • I think the most important thing about a workplace is that there needs to be a choice as women to find environments and surround ourselves with people who support women leadership. When I speak to young women, I tell them that if you do not think there are opportunities for you where you are, dare to be extraordinary, no matter how challenging the road ahead is. Aitken Spence Logistics has given me many opportunities in shaping me up as a great woman leader in Logistics and it is the best place for an aspiring female logistician to work for.

    Dilani Wijenayake, Deputy General Manager - Warehousing
    Dilani Wijenayake
    Deputy General Manager - Warehousing
  • I joined Aitken Spence Logistics as a Credit Control Officer in 1997 and completed 25 years of service in 2022. The enthusiasm I possessed at the beginning of my journey remains to this day due to the numerous opportunities for career progression and industry exposure provided by the company. I have achieved numerous accomplishments in my time at Aitken Spence Logistics, progressing from my initial position to an Assistant General Manager now. If you are looking for a company that can give you a career instead of a job, Aitken Spence Logistics is the place to work for.

    Dishantha Jayawardena, Assistant General Manager – Ace Container Terminals, Katunayake
    Dishantha Jayawardena
    Assistant General Manager – Ace Container Terminals, Katunayake
  • Ever since I joined Aitken Spence Logistics, I have been constantly learning and developing. I enjoy all parts of my job. As a new employee, I work with people who have just started their careers and are eager to learn, as well as colleagues with years of experience – it is interesting to get the mix between experience and fresh eyes. It helps us build our own personality. Aitken Spence Logistics is the best career decision I have made in my life, and I am confident of a successful career at the company.

    Kalani Weerathunga, Senior Executive - Marketing
    Kalani Weerathunga
    Senior Executive - Marketing
  • When the digital business transformation was initiated in the Aitken Spence logistics, I had the privilege to join its RPA team. It was a new beginning in my career! Aitken Spence Logistics gave me an opportunity to look at typical logistics operations from a new perspective. When I got to know about the Microsoft Power Application, I was given the freedom by the Senior Management to develop my skills in how to use it by which I was able to design & develop Microsoft Power Applications to support day-to-day CFS operations. Aitken Spence Logistics promotes.

    Anuka Wickramage, Executive – Container Freight Station
    Anuka Wickramage
    Executive – Container Freight Station

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