• A historic image of Aitken Spence Logistics

    Celebrating the past,

    charting the future

Our Heritage

Spanning over decades nearly five decades back, Aitken Spence Logistics have thrived to empower Sri Lankan industries and exporters, in their journey to reach and conquer global markets.

  • Launching of the 3rd Container Depot at Welisara with 05 acres with 2,500 TEU storage capacity.

    Investment in a new 100,000 sqft Container Freight Station at the main logistics complex in Mabole.

    Aerial view of the yard of Aitken Spence Logistics
  • Expanding our GP & Reefer rental segment through strategic acquisition and augmenting the fleet through acquisitions. 

    Introduction of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to Container Freight Station (CFS) operations automating all inward & outward documentation processes.

    Mobile storage container box in the yard
  • Investing in country’s first brand new Multi Axle Trailer consisting of 12 axles & 96 tires strengthening the project cargo capabilities of the company.

    Trucks transporting container boxes in the yard
  • Expanding our geography and territory through the merge of Ace Haulage (Pvt) Ltd with Ace Containers (Pvt) Ltd, creating a fully-fledged Inland container terminal comprising of container depot, CFS & container trucking operations under Ace Containers (Pvt) Ltd.

    A container truck in the yard
  • Acquisition of Wattala Warehousing Complex comprising 60,000 sqft of storage area and Logilink (Pvt) Ltd with its state-of-the-art 40,000 sqft Container Freight Station.
    A forklift in the warehouse
  • Establishment of Ace Haulage (Pvt) Ltd for container trucking from Port of Colombo to the container depot & vice versa and the expansion of container trucking services to bulk liquid transportation by investing in a fleet of prime movers & 33,000-liter capacity tankers.
    Oil tanker trucks parked in the yard
  • Acquisition of Bartleet Freighters (Pvt) Ltd, which was renamed to Ace Freight Management (Pvt) Ltd with CFS & container depot for clearing & forwarding services.

    Container stacker cranes lifting up stacking container boxes in yard
  • Establishment of Ace Distriparks (Pvt) Ltd, introducing the Distripark concept in SL including warehousing, & 3PL services, Special Project Operations for project cargo logistics, Reefer & GP container rental services. We were the first company to operate Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC) outside the Port of Colombo.
    Historic image of Aitken Spence Logistics
  • Establishment of Ace Container Terminals (Pvt) Ltd in Katunayake as the exclusive logistics service provider for KEPZ.

    Containers transporting by trucks
  • Our facility moved to a fully-fledged logistics complex in Mabole comprising of Container Depot, Container Repairs, CFS & container trucking.

    Historic image of Aitken Spence Logistics
  • Establishment of Ace Containers (Pvt) Ltd, an organisation providing container trucking services and operating the first inland container depot and the first Container Freight Station (CFS) outside the Port of Colombo.
    Historic image of the yard of Aitken Spence Logistics
  • Establishment of Ace Container Repair (Pvt) Ltd at Mattakkuliya. The company provided a service extension to the Port of Colombo by offering container repair services.

    Historic image of the yard of Aitken Spence Logistics