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Aitken Spence Logistics owns and operates Sri Lanka’s largest fleet of container carriers, tankers, and cargo-specific vehicles well prepared to provide agile solutions for transportation requirements of any magnitude.

From inbound and outbound containerized cargo to island-wide distribution, we offer reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions for various cargo types. With digitalized vehicle tracking systems and a top-tier Transport Management System (TMS) that enables optimal planning and execution of movements, we ensure swift, safe, and on-time delivery even in the most remote corners of the county.

Our Services

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Load Planning

Load planning in logistics helps to consolidate cargo efficiently, reduce overhead, and improve the bottom line. We ensure the safety of cargo, and compliance with regulations while reducing transport costs, and increasing productivity.

During the load planning process, we carefully analyze the nature, weight, and type of cargo being loaded, vehicle specifications, and destinations, and strategies a loading plan that aligns with the maximum carrying capacity of each vehicle.

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Route Planning

To maximize the benefits of load planning, at Aitken Spence Logistics, we combine load planning with route optimization delivering a higher ROI to our customers.

We analyze the actual distance, road conditions, type of cargo being transported, weather conditions, and safety factors before each vehicle is dispatched to ensure that our transportation solutions are highly time-sensitive and cost-effective. We also accommodate pre-agreed routes as per clients’ requests.

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Fleet Tracking & Tracing

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring and IoT-based real-time autonomous fleet tracking systems that enable tracking and tracing of the fleet through centralized monitoring capabilities.

Why Choose Us

    • Digitized vehicle tracking for freight visibility
    • Regular vehicle maintenance in compliance with industry standards
    • The largest fleet in Sri Lanka
    • An Islandwide distribution system
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