• New Kelani Bridge Project

New Kelani Bridge Project

Aitken Spence Logistics was a key logistics service provider for the Steel Bridge Construction Project over the Kelani River by JMT (JEFF, MITSUI, TODA) Joint Venture of Japan.

The construction of the new bridge over the Kelani River commenced in 2017 and was completed in 2021. Built utilising high-quality Japanese technology, the bridge adopts the first extradosed design in Sri Lanka. In this design, the main girders are supported by the main towers and diagonal members, which required oversized grinders to support the structure. These steel box girders were used for the construction of the elevated road to build a falsework over the existing road in a short period.

A milestone of Sri Lanka’s transport infrastructure with a significant economic interest, our service to the project included customs clearance, unloading of girders at the port, transportation, intermediate yard storage, and placing of girders at the project site. Over 18 months, we cleared 28 shipments and handled over 1,300 oversized girders using low-bed trailers, cranes & other heavy machinery.