• A skilled worker repairing and rigging shipping containers.

Container Repair & Rigging Services

Our state-of-art, all-weather container repair facility is equipped to offer container surveying repairing, rigging, and modification services.

The facility comprises a wash bay with a washing capacity of 120 TEUs at a given time. Aitken Spence Logistics’ container repair facility is capable of handling container repair requirements of any scope and magnitude at any given time. Our pre-agreed fixed repair pricing and a like-to-like material replacement policy ensure superior quality of service at a consistent cost.

We adhere to the guidelines and standards of the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) and all our operations are carried out by teams of IICL qualified staff.

Our Services

A worker performing a container survey, with a clipboard in hand

Container Surveying & Reporting

All empty containers that are gated into our Inland Container Terminal are surveyed by IICL-qualified container surveyors enabling them to meet compliance requirements, reduce liability, and build customer confidence.

A shipping container being washed by a high-pressure cleaning system

Container Washing

We offer container washing services that include chemicals, steam, and water-based cleaning, ensuring the required quality for the specific types of cargo whenever a container is released from our facility for export purposes.

A skilled worker repairing and rigging shipping containers.

Container Repairing & Refurbishing

Our container repairing and refurbishing services range from minor touch-ups to heavy structural repairs and modifications We ensure value for money and maximum transparency through a pre-estimated repair rate policy.

We manage customer-specific repair requests, cost estimations, and confirmations ensuring the timely availability of containers with consistent quality.

Special setup for transporting garments on hangers (GOH)

Garment On Hanger (GOH) Container Conversions

We specialize in Garment On Hanger (GOH) container conversions, facilitating easy and efficient transportation of apparel. Our GOH conversion operations meet with stringent requirements of international apparel brands and strictly comply with all international standards.

We offer direct hanging designs with single or double-row configuration bar systems that are ideal for the carriage of heavy garments and rope hanging designs with string systems can accommodate a larger number of lighter and thinner articles of clothing, both of which can be customized to maximize container space utilization.

All our GOH containers are provided with poly lining and moisture-absorbing silica gel as a container desiccant to safeguard cargo from much-dreaded humidity-related damages

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