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Efficient management systems are vital for reducing operational cost, increasing the speed of delivery and ensuring all processes are carried out precisely. At Aitken Spence Logistics we employ the most advanced technology for container management, via a centralized system capable of managing even the most complex needs seamlessly and on time, every time.

The Oracle-based web-enabled real-time Container Depot Management System facilitates the management of container depots, repair, and CFS operations by flawlessly integrating customer applications via electronic data interchange (EDI).

Oracle ERP warehouse management system (WMS) ensure enhanced inventory accuracy, improved flexibility, responsiveness and superior customer services through the application of real-time data.

IOT enabled Mobile Storage Solutions management system facilitates real-time temperature monitoring of cold storage units and facilities. This guarantees the safety, quality, and integrity of produce, by ensuring that the temperature is accurately maintained at all times.

We employ state-of-the-art transport management systems (TMS), which ensures customer satisfaction through optimized planning and execution, with respect to the physical movement of our fleet of trucks.

IOT based real-time autonomous fleet tracking system guarantee the security of vehicles and cargo through centralized monitoring capabilities.

A cutting edge, dedicated, centralized CCTV monitoring facility ensures strict 24 x 7 security throughout all sites.


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