At Aitken Spence Logistics giving back to the community and being a force for good is an essential part of our corporate ethos. These efforts are committed to bringing about a workplace that is healthy, rewarding and responsible. To achieve this we consistently strive towards improving our use of energy, reducing emissions, decreasing wastage and ultimately achieving a truly sustainable business model. In recent years Aitken Spence Logistics has invested heavily in solar power systems, with the move towards renewable energy which has helped significantly reduce the organization’s carbon footprint. This is further complemented by other rational initiatives, such as transparent roofing and the use of natural lighting wherever possible as a means of conserving energy.

The application of wastewater treatment has made a decisive impact in preserving this precious natural resource, while preventing the contamination of groundwater and other natural sources. A multitude of technological improvements have also been made in line with the organization’s sustainability objectives. A few highlights include the use of battery operated forklifts, which cut down on harmful emissions and lessen our dependence on petrochemicals. As is the case with manual trolleys and pallet trucks. Enhancing these state-of-the-art measures is a highly trained team of HSSE (health/safety/security & environment) professionals, who ensure the organization’s daily operations are in strict compliance with international standards. At Aitken Spence Logistics we are committed to expanding our endeavors on sustainability front and understand the crucial role businesses have to play in safeguarding a cleaner, healthier and brighter future for all.


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775/5, Negombo Road, Mabole, Wattala, Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 11 2944500
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